The Carolyn Stokes Preschool has five large, bright, and wonderfully equipped classrooms, which are contracted with the NJ Department of Education Preschool Initiative (formerly known as the Abbott Program).

All classrooms have interest areas that are based on the Creative Curriculum, which believes that children learn through play. Each center contains a range of developmentally appropriate learning materials and activities which focus on a particular topic, such as art, dramatic play, blocks, library, toys and games, computer, discovery, cooking, music, and movement.

In addition to the interest areas, the head teacher in each classroom develops and institutes a set of lesson plans which constitutes a more formal approach to learning. Every Monday morning each teacher posts her plan for that week, showing the daily activities in which your child will be participating.

Of course, each child learns at his or her own pace and our dedicated, caring staff gently supports and celebrates each achievement as the children build a strong foundation for a successful transition to kindergarten.

Music For The Very Young

Music, Movement, and Literacy provide Trenton’s pre-K children with a joyful and interesting first music education experience. The program weaves music, movement, and reading basics into the fabric of the preschool day, trains preschool teachers in creating a musical classroom, and engages children’s families in their learning.

Summer Program

Our summer program provides activities for children ages 3-6. The summer curriculum is more relaxed but maintains a focus on academics to ensure that children don’t lose all of the skills and knowledge obtained throughout the school year. Some examples of summer trips include bowling, Fun Plex, and Pump it Up.

Hours of Operation 7:30 am – 5:30 pm

We are open Monday through Friday and follow the Trenton Public Schools calendar for closings and early dismissals. Our normal school day is from 8:45-3:15, but before and aftercare services are available for families in need.


We serve breakfast, a hot lunch, and an afternoon snack, which comply with all Department of Agriculture requirements. Medical or religious food restrictions are honored upon receipt of an explanation, on official letterhead, signed either by the child’s doctor or religious organization.

Our 38 Objectives:

Our 38 Objectives